"I was hoping you were going to chime in Kate. From what I’ve gathered on this site you are the poster child for women being successful in the Landscaping world."


Nicholas White, Proprietor White Gardens

"Labour of Love Landscaping and Nursery, located in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, specializes in perennials and bulbs that are hardy to Zone 3 (Zone 2 is tundra)…Kate Butler, the cheerful proprietor, is one of those relentlessly creative people who are full of surprises. She grows all her own plants from seed or division; she has a taste for the unusual and "oddball stuff…" she finds amusement in growing survivors that are ‘not supposed to do well up here’…"

Ruah Donnelly. The Adventurous Gardener: Where to buy the best plants in New England

"I swear you can see the fairies dance upon the petals of Kate’s flowers.  It’s as if representatives of the entire plant kingdom have converged for a grand party. All the flora shimmers, and vibrates and compels us to live in ephemeral beauty of life."

Dana Robinson, singer/songwriter

"From jungle to serene garden.          
            When I first saw the much neglected garden at the old farmhouse in Vermont, my first thought was what can be saved. There were roses in amongst the brambles, a few bright currants and what would later turn out to be rudebekia. Everything else was weeds.
            The foundation of what was called the old barn, behind the foundation of the new barn, was filled with broken glass and, misshapen trees that had tried to grow up on the barn floor and  more weeds.
            Kate Butler changed all that. Not immediately but over several years, coaxing us and the land with a new garden and plantings in front of the new barn. Little by little she convinced us to let her clean out the foundation of the old barn and plant it. She even found some perennials that would take root in the shallow soil of milk house.
            When people visit for the first time, the first thing they comment on is the glorious garden which blooms from spring to fall.
            Our visitors, who have their own gardens, always make a stop at Labour of Love to take a few things home. They are convinced that Kate’s plants are better than anything they can buy."

Marian Burros, writer & client